6 Places for Travel and Leisure in New…

Kyla Harvey | October 29, 2019 | 0

Are you interested in travel and leisure in New Zealand? The country is located in the southern area of Australia full of great spots to visit together with family and friends. Aside from natural landscapes widely presented in this country, there are also facilities and accommodations to enjoy. Below are some places that you should not miss when visiting New Zealand. One of them is the air balloon experience from https://ballooningcanterbury.com/.

Explore Queenstown

Queenstown is a town in the area of South Island. The reputation of the town is very good, mainly as an area for adventuring. Many activities can be conducted here like bungee jumping, rafting, jet boat, and skydiving. It is also recommended to go to Queenstown in the winter. The sky area is incredible; it is a winter wonderland in real life.

Be artsy in Auckland

Auckland is the next tourist town recommended to go to New Zealand. As information it is the biggest city in the country. You can depart to Auckland’s airport to continue your trip in New Zealand. Many museums are available here. One of them is the Auckland Art Gallery with more than 15,000 artworks starting from the classical to the contemporary ones.

Climb Franz Josef Glacier

There is a spot in New Zealand that enables you to see the glacier closer. It is even possible for you to climb it up. The place is namely Franz Josef Glacier, very famous for the incredible scenery. Make sure to hire a tour guide before starting your travel here. Some types of glacier tour are available here whether it’s by walking, renting a helicopter, or viewing it from the air balloon available at https://ballooningcanterbury.com/.

Walk around White Island

White Island is the name of an active volcano in New Zealand. The presence of the volcano has attracted many tourists and visitors to go to this place. There are some types of tours provided by tour agencies. Just like in Franz Josef Glacier, you can walk around the volcanoes area by being accompanied by a tour guide. Besides, you can also rent a helicopter to enjoy the volcano and some areas around from the height.

Find hope in Christchurch

Christchurch is a town that was twice suffered by big earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. Although the side effects are really bad, the local government and people prove that they can wake up and rebuild the city well. Even Christchurch is one of the most recommended places in New Zealand for the holidays. One of the spots for leisure and gaining more knowledge is Christchurch Botanic Gardens. In this garden, you can see the oldest, tallest, and biggest tree in New Zealand.

Ride an Air Balloon in Darfield

Darfield is a town with many spots for natural landscapes. Sure, you can just go walk around to enjoy them all. Interestingly, there is one more way to see the details of Darfield. It is by renting an air balloon. Before renting, make sure you have created a group to fly with you. Besides, there are some terms and conditions to fulfill to enable you to conduct the trip with the air balloon more safely. You may visit https://ballooningcanterbury.com/ to learn more about ballooning service.