Providing natural light for your houseplants in Australia using Velux skylights

Kyla Harvey | September 6, 2019 | 0 | Home & Gardens

Are you planning to have houseplants in your Australian home? Well, you should know that it comes with simple responsibilities you must follow. Watering your plants is not enough to ensure that they can make it to another day or another week. That is why installing Velux skylights is a must-do.


Houseplants give your home a bit of green inside. While most people get plastic plants, it is not hard to care for houseplants with the use of skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnels that companies, like Velux, offer.


Sunlight is very important for plants to grow. In fact, water and sunlight go together, so if you are going to be a responsible plant mum or dad, you should know that indoor plants, like most plants, need sunlight and water for them to undergo their crucial process of growth called photosynthesis. Without this, they would not be able to turn light energy to chemical energy. The necessary parts of a plant that draw in water, like the roots, and absorb sunlight, like the leaves, are working together to produce food for the plant’s survival and growth.


Caring for these types of plants can be low-maintenance and therapeutic because you just need to do it in your own home–whether inside one of your rooms or the attic. You just need to open up your manual Velux skylights to feed your greeny plants some natural light or you just need to open the windows for your plants nearby for sunlight absorption and air ventilation.


Here are 5 of the many houseplants that will add a touch of nature to your home:


1. Asparagus fern – A beautiful fern-like plant that can survive with indirect sunlight and frequent watering.


2. African violet – A popular flower plant that has violet petals and can live with indirect sunlight and watering.


3. Bromeliad – A beautiful plant that is ideal for your home office and can also thrive under indirect sunlight and weekly watering.


4. Aloe – A friendly indoor plant that will come useful as a DIY hair treatment or a quick ointment for sunburn. It can thrive under indirect sunlight and weekly watering, too.


5. Chinese money plant – A green plant that is told to bring you luck or as the legends say. It is also known as the “pancake plant” because of its round and pancake-like leaves. It survives under indirect sunlight and frequent watering in sunnier weathers.


In Australia, water is easy to find, but securing adequate sunlight for your plant is challenging. That is why you should check out for skylight prices or skylights Melbourne prices that fit your budget. A company, like Skylights-Online, can give you a heads-up on what is best to purchase.


If you want to control how much natural light you’re getting inside your home and lessen room temperature, you should buy Velux blinds for skylights. You’ll be pleased to get that needed rest or that aesthetic look because of the blinds.


So there you have it–be a plant mum or dad now! For more details, visit at


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