What to consider when buying Ziptrak blinds for your home

Kyla Harvey | September 6, 2019 | 0 | Home & Gardens

After a long day at work, it’s only natural to want to relax when you get home. For some, this means staying outdoors and appreciating their backyard garden. However, it may be a bit annoying when it’s raining or when the sun is shining a little too brightly. A Ziptrak blinds Melbourne installation expert can help install outdoor blinds on your patio or deck to protect you from the rain or sun.



Ziptrak blinds melbourne



Choosing the right Ziptrak blinds


Café blinds, also known as patio blinds, outdoor blinds, bistro blinds, or pergola blinds, help protect your outdoor living space. This is especially important if you like to relax or entertain guests outdoors. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right Ziptrak roller blinds for your property.


  • Determine the purpose of the area where you want to install outdoor blinds. If your goal is to make your deck or patio look comfortable and cosy for relaxing after a long day or entertaining guests, then you can achieve this goal with Ziptrak outdoor blinds.
  • Know the measurements of your patio. This will help make sure that the Ziptrak blinds you get will fit. You can do the measurements using a steel tape. Of course, you can always seek the help of Ziptrak blinds Melbourne professionals install these days. They can assist you from getting the measurement to the actual installation of the blinds
  • When installed properly, Ziptrak blinds can last a very long time. So, take your time when installing your outdoor blinds. Hastily installed blinds will only result in sloppy work. If you’re not confident you can do a good job installing them, you can ask if your supplier knows any outdoor blinds Melbourne professional installers who can help you or if they can recommend one.


How to clean Ziptrak blinds


Proper maintenance of your Ziptrak blinds is vital to keeping it operating and looking great for many years. Here are some cleaning tips bistro blinds Melbourne clients would like you to know.


  • Keep the PVC or Sunscreen mesh clean.
  • Use soapy cold water and a soft cloth to clean the blinds. Let it dry before rolling up.
  • Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain the specific PVC blinds you have.
  • For best cleaning results of your PVC blinds, make sure they are dried with a soft cloth.
  • PVC blinds are susceptible to scratches, so make sure to clean the surface with extra care.
  • Never use window cleaning detergents or other full-strength cleaning fluids, detergents, insecticides, garden sprays, or soaps to the blind material.
  • When cleaning the blind material, don’t use bore water. Likewise, never let bore water sprinkler systems or water from a high-pressure hose hit the blind material.
  • Ensure that solvents or petrochemicals never touch the surface of your blinds.
  • Clean dirt, stains, and bird droppings off the blind material as soon as possible.


Concluding thoughts


Crystal Image Blinds offer only the best awnings and blinds at factory direct wholesale prices. This includes Ziptrak blinds, the number one outdoor blinds for Melbourne homes and businesses. Their Ziptrak blinds Melbourne experts can help you find and install the best blinds to create your very own private retreat.

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